Retailer Exclusives


Retailer Exclusive "AKA RE"

Artist fees start at $300 and up depending on the artist and how many characters or complex. You may provide your own artist once approved or use one of our inhouse artists. 

Exclusive Pricing with M House:

Regular trade/virgin books $11.50 each with a minimum order of 25 each type of cover. Must do a MOQ of 50 Total. 
Specialty books like chrome are $18 each with a minimum order of 10 of each type. All 10 must be the same type.

Metal books are $22.50 each with a min order of 5 of each type. These can be numbered. 

Special numbered books can be ordered once an MOQ of 100 or a fee will be applied of $8 per book. Books can be numbered for example:
RE 1/1
RE 1/5 
RE 1/10
Steps are listed below:
1: Contact and let us know what your concept you have in mind. 
2: All covers need a sketch first for approval and to avoid any copyright infractions. Cosplay and Parody can be tricky. We try to stick to public domain or characters created by M House. 
3. Once sketch / idea is approved you may procced with finished cover. 
4. Place order with high resolution images, and logos to 
Store Exclusive Limited Run Pricing. You can sell books for more but not less than:
These prices apply to online recorded market places including websites. Live auctions like whatnot are not considered "actual market pricing". 
Trade $30
Virgin $40
Chrome $55
Metal $90
These are generally released 2-3 weeks after the delivery of your comics if ever released at all. 
Want to partner with M House on a cover?
M HOUSE will sponsor store exclusives with shared runs for discounted price or even free of charge if qualified. Charity Events, New Retailers, ECT.  We want you to be successful with your store exclusive coming back for more!